Modified Rugby Program (MRP)
(since 2014)

Through GingerCloud’s Modified Rugby Program (MRP) girls, boys and young adults with Autism, Aspergers and other learning and perceptual disabilities (MRP Players) can have a home in community rugby clubs.

The MRP is a world-first, modified form of touch-only rugby, developed by GingerCloud Foundation, where each MRP Player has their own PlayerMentor on the field supporting them. Through the program, MRP Players experience the sheer thrill of playing rugby, often for the very first time.

The MRP aims to move MRP Players off the sidelines and into the main game. The program encourages these MRP Players and their families to become part of their local rugby club community.

Since this time, it has positively impacted more than 350 participants.  MRP supports young people transition to a more advanced form of MRP as they develop their skills and knowledge, and in their capability and confidence.

Disability Inclusion Leaders
Pathway Program (since 2019)

The Program provides people in Grades 9, 10, 11 and 12 you with research, stories and strategies that help them to become a leader who upholds the human rights of others, uses their knowledge to affect change and increases opportunities for inclusion.  The Program is designed to be valuable to them immediately but also provides them with the foundations they need to lead inclusive practices throughout both your personal and professional life.

Re-imagining Employment Project (since 2020)

Our Re-imagining Employment Project is a work experience and mentoring project that aims to support:

  • Young people with Autism and other learning and perceptual disability (LPD) to explore employment opportunities with a peer mentor; and
  • Employers to create a more inclusive workplace.

The project will utilise our existing and tested GingerCloud Foundation Inclusion and Participation Frameworks. Activities include:

  • Employer Workshops that provide employers with information on the Program, the expected outcomes of the project, and describes the role and responsibility they play in creating an inclusive environment.
  • Online pre-framing training for young people with LPD (and parent/carers) where they can pre-learn some of the practical and soft skills they will use during work experience.
  • Staff Training & Peer Mentor Workshops that help people to understand and support the needs of young people during work experience
  • Work Experience Activity that enables young people with LPD to learn and work in the hospitality industry alongside their peer mentor
  • Employer resources Hub that houses FAQs related to removing the barriers to employment for young people LPD in hospitality.

Creating Future Mentors
(since 2020)

Program is a modified version of the Disability Inclusion Leaders Program, providing for mentorship and leadership training for young people with disability. The training builds the Future Mentors skills in communication, problem-solving, negotiation and how to support peers with disability. It includes practical examples and case studies that the Future Mentors can connect with.

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